About Ella Wang Olsson

Born in Sweden (1999) Based in the Netherlands.

The art I create is mainly based from reaction, identifying my concerns or thoughts from the setting I find myself in, and using various mediums and storytelling narratives as a way to express that. I am passionate about Video Editing as a form of medium, and recently have become more interested in experimenting between the virtual and the real world in terms of artistic expression and interactive experiences. Painting is also close to me as I see it as somewhat of an unconscious outlet, seeking to understand how images appear in the mind, yet at the same time attempting to combine this with other mediums to create new meanings. Although I usually consider my practice to be divided between Video and Painting, recently I have been realizing a slow but very fluid merge between the two within my working process. My work moves its way through questions on existentialism, climate change, system and history while also being curious for experimentation and research. I consider the act of questioning, regardless how stupid the question may be, to also be the starting point for most my projects: What would the air smell like if bananas didn’t exist? How much of my body can be turned into a green screen?? Why is everyone speaking English??? My conscious existence as a being on this planet as well as the beings around me and above me (in reference to the dominant hierarchical system), concerns me. And so I attempt to explore what this actually means through my artistic practice, combining a mix of academic and informal texts with a more interactive and visually fun expression of my artistic passion and skills.